Flow of Membership

In Destini IS, we offer a free first time consultation (face-to-face or on Skype)
During the consultation, we will introduce the Company’s Application (App) and the original marriage preparation courses. In addition, we will discuss about your ideal partner and marriage.

Step1.Make an appointment for a Free Consultation

You can request a free consultation from the website. The consultation is about 1 hour to 1,5 hours long and can be conducted face-to-face or on Skype. We will discuss in detail your requests, suggest the best plan for you, and give you advice on how to have successful relationships and marriage.

Make an appointment for a Free Consultation

Step2.Enrollment Process

Fill in the contracts prepared by the Company. Submit necessary documents by mail or e-mail. After all the documents are received, you will be charged the Enrollment Fee.

Rates and Systems

Step3.Partner Search · Partner Recommendations

You will be able to search for a partner using our exclusive website and application on your PC and Smartphone. Depending on your selected course, our consultants will recommend potential partners from a database consists of about 60,000 registered members. We will recommend the partners based on your requests. From the list of recommended partners, please apply for a Matchmaking with the person you would like to meet.


We will set up a Matchmaking meeting, either in Singapore or in Japan. You will have access to our recommendations for lounges, restaurants and bars. It is also possible to arrange the matchmaking meetings with multiple partners during your vacation, business trips and short-term return to the country. Skype matchmaking is another way to meet your partner. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the most convenient matchmaking method for you.

Matchmaking Manner Course · Self-PR (Self introduction) Preparation


After the matchmaking, as soon as the will of each other is confirmed, the contact information will be exchanged. In the case of international marriage, it is difficult to meet often; therefore, we advise for a period of up to six months of dating. → We will assist you towards a successful marriage by various programs offered in our original marriage preparatory courses. We will work together with you to overcome any necessary changes and support you all the way.

Step6. Engagement / Program Withdrawal

Congratulations! We are waiting for the happy news from you and your partner. Destini IS will support you for up to one year after marriage free of charge, so do not worry!


Self-Improvement Preparation Course

◊ Seminar on habits and facts of different cultures
◊ Matchmaking manners · Proper conversation strategy course
◊ Self-PR (Self-Introduction) lecture (Both in Japanese and English)
◊ Professional makeover and profile picture taking
◊ Personal training methods · Advice on meal plans
◊ Color Fashion diagnosis
◊ Aromatherapy diagnosis

Documents to be submitted at the time of enrollment

  • Profile sheet (Destini IS original)
  • Contract (Destini IS original)
  • Profile photos
  • Certificate to prove you are single (family registry, etc)
  • Citizen’s card · Insurance card or identity card with current residential address
  • Graduation certificates (those over Junior College)
  • Proof of Income (for male members, previous salary details etc.)
  • Credential/Qualification certificate (for qualified person)


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